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Health Care Section

2nd floor,Student Activity Center
Office of Student Affairs

The section is responsible for the health of our students, over 90% of whom live on campus. This section's services include outpatient services by the school physicians, treatment of injuries and illnesses, tracking of patients, health education, and health consultation. We also promote food sanitation through a few measures, such as establishing a food sanitation promotion committee and performing random sanitation inspections of eating places, kitchens, and kitchen personnel on a weekly basis.

We adapt a health-promoting approach to initiate hygiene work within the campus. Through promoting a healthy lifestyle and healthy mind_set, we help our staff and students to keep a healthy lifestyle and take responsibility for their own personal health in their daily lives, and to bring this knowledge to their families and the society.


Name Hszu-Hszn Tsai
Position Section Head
E-mail kitty@mail.cgu.edu.tw
TEL 03-2118800 ext 2110


Name Wen-Chuan Tsai
Position Staff Member
E-mail Sid0704@mail.cgu.edu.tw
TEL 03-2118800 ext 2119


Name Chen-Chen Wei
Position Staff Member
E-mail w1115@mail.cgu.edu.tw
TEL 03-2118800 ext 2119