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Student Counseling Section


A. Counseling

When a person encounters adversity, they look for help. It may come from parents, family members, friends, teachers or professionals. In the process of counseling, our counselors are able to understand the major difficulty the student is facing, and with sensitivity, they help the student to find a solution to the problem. This bond is built on the basis of trust, so that together we can find the best way to work things out. You are welcome to make appointments in advance.

B. Analysis test

Analysis test is a tool to help judge a person's personality, including character, intelligence and sexuality. The results help one understand one's current situation, and from that one can consider if one needs to make any appropriate adjustments, so as to help one perform at full potential. Analysis test is not a final conclusion, it is merely a start to self exploration. Welcome to appointments individually, with a small group of friends or as a class.

C. Small group activities

One to two counselors will supervise a group of 15 students, helping them to learn from one another, becoming one another's support, enhancing interaction and self understanding. This type of small group activities can better cater to individual needs as compared to mass lectures or talks. One the other hand, it provides a chance to interact with group members rather than individual counseling.

D. Theme activities

We have a series of activities every semester, with themes such as life education, sexual equality education, career planning. We also organize talks and conferences every now and then.

E.  Resource classroom

We help the school to take care of and offer help to students with special needs by understanding their needs, offering help in academic work, accompanying them in the learning process, counseling and interaction sessions, as well as providing a place for them to feel at home.
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F. Resource for mentor teachers

We organize mentor teachers' sharing sessions on a regular basis to discuss and share their experiences and resources. In this way, we can build a more complete counseling network.

G. Materials for loan

As to widen our students' horizon, we have many psychological related books, video tapes and recordings available. We also have media recourse rooms for use anytime.

H. Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9am-12noon ; 1pm-5pm
Tuesday、Wednesday & Thursday night:5pm~8pm