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Health Care Section

A. Health service

  • Health check-up and treatment

  • Clinic Service:The clinic is open from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm on every Tuesday and Thursday except during winter/summer break. 

  • Flu prevention

  • Vaccination

  • Dealing with emergency

  • Student insurance

  • Providing first-aid box, walking stick and wheel chair

B. Health education

  • Health education and hygiene promoting activities

  • Health supervision for individual and group

  • Publicity on hygiene

  • Health consultation

  • Updating health and hygiene forum

C. Healthy environment

  • Conducting meetings with the Food and Hygiene Committee

  • Monitoring student canteen

  • Inspecting supermarket food inspection

  • Testing food samples

  • Electing model restaurant

  • Dealing with unexpected occurrences